American Made

American-made furniture, hand crafted, right here in Florence Alabama

One-of-a-kind custom furniture from sustainably harvested local hardwoods

One-of-a-kind custom furniture from sustainably harvested local hardwoods

Many companies claim that they produce and sell “American-made” furniture. But on closer inspection, some use woods harvested in South America, some upholster with fabrics woven in China, and some integrate springs and hardware shipped from every corner of the earth. Many claim they sell American-made furniture because the far-flung pieces are assembled in the United States. Very few companies can honestly claim that they truly offer American-made furniture.

Robin Wade Furniture is one of those proud few. RWF pieces begin as hardwood trees within a 60-mile radius of the Slow Studio located in northwest Alabama. When a tree comes down, due to natural causes or human intervention, Robin and his crew harvest the tree, mill the lumber, and dry it locally, a process that can take years. When the lumber is ready, Robin’s artistic eye imagines what each piece might become—a walnut table, a cherry bench, an oak conference table, a contemporary daybed, or a maple chair. And then he goes to work in his Slow Studio, creating one-of-a-kind functional art pieces from each piece of locally harvested lumber.

Robin Wade Furniture is hand-crafted, American-made furniture that fills a home with warmth, natural texture, and exceptional beauty. From the harvesting of the tree to the wood’s preparatory process, from the designing to the crafting of a finished one-of-a-kind product, every step is completed in the Southeast corner of the United States—American-made furniture crafted by an American wood artist.