American Made

American-made furniture, crafted by an American wood artist from sustainably harvested local hardwoods including walnut, oak, maple, cherry, and sassafras.  We specialize in custom furniture made from natural edge walnut slabs.

American Made, Hand Made, Well Made

If you take advantage of everything America has to offer, there’s nothing you can’t accomplish
— Geraldine Ferraro
Cherry joint before the hand rubbed oil has been applied

Cherry joint before the hand rubbed oil has been applied

RWF is not a big company. We don't have a company jet or a company car. There's no board of directors or executive washroom. If we held an annual picnic we wouldn't need to rent a hall; the backyard would be more than big enough. But we do have big expectations, big ideas, big dreams, and big traditions. Our way of making furniture is imbued with traditional American know how; we use quality American raw materials which we shape with American heritage craftsmanship.  We allow our creativity and imagination to grow unimpeded. Inspired by our magnificent, natural American lumber, this allows us to create furniture that is a solid, practical work of art. We take to heart the big issues of sustainability and the environment and consider them all through the process that culminates in the production of our beautiful furniture. So it should be no surprise that we have big dreams that this combination of American tradition, raw materials, craftsmanship, and creativity will capture the desires and fulfill the needs of many discerning clients.