Hardwood Dining Tables


Hardwood Dining Tables

Hardwood Dining Table

The Heart and Soul of the House

"A kitchen provides physical and spiritual nourishment, and for many homes is now the heart and soul of family life." -Terence Conran

If the kitchen is the heart and soul of the house, the dining table is where the home’s family all comes together. When you get the family to sit down and eat and drink and laugh, it’s like time decelerates for an hour or two.

Slowing Time Down

Robin Wade Furniture appreciates taking things slow. They handcraft hardwood dining tables in their slow studio - never in a hurry.

An American Tradition

A home-cooked meal around the table is an American tradition.

Contemporary and Classic

The two styles may seem to be antithetical, but fusing modern sleekness with enduring simplicity means your table will stand the test of time.

As Nature Intended

"I've taught myself how to use good, fresh ingredients and to prepare them as simply as possible by cooking only to enhance their intrinsic flavors." -Ina Garten

If you were cooking with good, natural ingredients, you wouldn't want to disguise their flavor, to cover them up. That’s how RWF feels about wood. No veneers or fancy finishing techniques. No disguises. Just nature’s own intrinsic beauty.

Hardwood Dining Tables