Hardwood Entry Tables

Hardwood Entry Tables

Hardwood Entry Table

Hardwood Entry Table

Robin Wade Furniture crafts exquisite custom furniture items, including hardwood entry tables.

Robin Wade's handmade hardwood entry tables are sure to get noticed and they'll leave a lasting impression on all of your visitors!

These handcrafted walnut, cherry and oak entry tables are ideal for an array of different settings, including:

•     home entryway;
•     hallway or foyer;
•     office;
•     lobby;
•     reception area; or
•     anywhere else you need a beautiful, one-of-a-kind entry table!

RWF hardwood entry tables can be customized to suit your vision! Since each piece of furniture is made by hand by an experienced woodworker, your wood entry table can be made to suit. Select your custom furniture's....

•     wood type;
•     dimensions and height;
•     finish; and
•     slab thickness.

If you have a very precise vision for your handcrafted hardwood entry table, Robin Wade can bring it to life! Custom furniture items are our specialty!

Alternatively, you can select from one of our finished hardwood entry tables. Each item is completely unique and original. Since no two trees are precisely alike, no two entry tables are exactly the same.

Robin Wade Furniture takes pride in the ability to seamlessly blend form and function. Each and every piece is a one-of-a-kind work of art, with sculptural beauty and unique form. But these are functional works of art that are suitable for use on a daily basis.

RWF's unique hardwood entry tables exude an essence of contemporary and natural style. They're a blend of rusticness and modernity, suitable for a vast variety of settings, ranging from a  sleek, modern home in the city to a woodsy and rural Adirondack retreat.

All Robin Wade Furniture is made by hand, using wood that has been harvested in a sustainable, eco-friendly manner. In fact, all raw materials are harvested within a 60 mile radius of the RWF studios.

Due to Robin Wade's immense respect for the tree, he favors trees that have been downed in storms or in other circumstances. Wade breathes new life to trees that would otherwise rot away or end up as firewood.

In addition to hardwood entry tables, the Robin Wade Furniture Collection features a wide range of other beautifully handcrafted pieces, including:

   Dining tables




   Conference tables

   ....and much more!

Hardwood Entry Tables