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Growing Local Shitake on Oak LogOak and Shitake

Shitake mushrooms

Growing Local Shitake on Oak Log


We, along with many of our contributors from across the country and world, will be celebrating Slow Food Week all week long. And, in honor of Slow Food Week, I think it's only appropriate that we talk, think, harvest, cook, eat (and digest) slow food slowly every day - all week.  

One of my favorite recent local, slow finds was sitting in our hallway this morning, looking very much like one of our most beautiful works of art, and I just had to take a few quick pics.  It's this small oak log with shitake growing - not so slowly lately.  I purchased the log from our hydroponics friends at Shamrock Farms recently.  They purchase the Shitake spores from Washington State University, then drill the logs, inject the spores, keep in a moist environment, and - wait.  Most of these shitake are ready to harvest and I'm hoping to get a pic of them on the plate in the next few days.

Growing Local Shitake on Oak Log