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Slow Food: Making a Difference, One Voice at a Time

by Tanya Wardell, Fort Worth Texas

There’s a change happening in the United States. A new voice soaring up through the crowds, growing stronger and louder with each passing second. A voice, rising in protest against a lifestyle driven by constant demand and fast paced everything. A voice whose words are more than just letters put together, but instead are made up of actions. Actions taken by people like you and me, who are tired of living a life where our bodies and minds suffer from five-minute meals made up more of chemicals than food. People who are fed up with a fast food industry whose big business practices squash real appreciation for taste and quality. People who believe that we have the right to eat and enjoy healthy, natural food regardless of where we live or how much money we make.

This voice believes in the “little man”, the “underdog”, the farmers who work hard every day not only in the fields, but against the threats of those industrial farms who would rather swallow them up than allow them to provide real, healthy, good food to their communities. It believes in slowing down, appreciating what we have, savoring every moment as if we are children discovering the world for the first time.

The voice rising above the fray is the Slow Food movement, a global celebration of food and community. Its motto? Everyone deserves access to “good, clean, and fair” food. Its mission? Defend this right. Free us from the oppression of the fast food industry. Remind us that we are powerful, we are capable, we can make this world a better place. As we celebrate this Slow Food week together, let us remember the motto and mission, let us know that we are not simply eating wonderful meals. We are finding our voice. We are declaring our rights, announcing our freedoms. We are making a difference.

Slow Food: Making a Difference, One Voice at a Time