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Wild Handmade Soap

Wild Handmade Soap

Wild Handmade Soap

by Eunice Lim, Singapore

When was the last time you considered the ingredients of the soap you use every day?

The skin is the largest organ in our body and it’s permeable, so, the substances we apply to our skin are absorbed into our bloodstreams. With that in mind, being conscious of the quality and origin of your soap is important.

WILD sells handmade soap made of all natural herbs, grains, honey, goat milk and essential oils. On top of health benefits and healing properties, WILD is against animal testing and minimizes packaging, using biodegradable and recyclable materials whenever possible. The minimization of packaging also allows WILD to continue selling their body products at affordable prices. Instead of mass production, WILD sells their soaps online and from place to place. The quantity WILD manufactures depends on demand, so no compromise on quality is ever made.

I interviewed Rohana from WILD to find out more about her work with WILD.
EL: Rohana, why is selling natural, healthy soap your passion? And what does your work with WILD entail?
R: I've always been health conscious and interested in natural products. I love natural soaps and have been using natural products myself - so in a way, this is an extension of my passion and what I love. We sell online and at various fairs, and my work involves research, preparation of product information and the sales and marketing of our products.

EL: Where are your handmade soaps made, by whom and how? Where do the natural ingredients come from?
R: Our handmade soaps are made by someone we know who started doing this because she has sensitive skin and can only use gentle products. Some of the base oils are from Malaysia, while the rest of the ingredients including essential oils come from all over the world.

EL: Does WILD do international shipping? I am sure our readers overseas are interested in getting their own fantastic bar of handmade soap.
R:Yes we do, customers can order online and we could organize the delivery and shipping for them. Some of the favorites include Geranium with Goat Milk, Lavender and Geranium with Red Rice. My personal favorite is the Geranium with Goat Milk.

You can find out more about WILD at their website and make purchases. WILD ships internationally. Products are suitable for sensitive skin and have been known to relieve eczema. The natural ingredients come from sustainable sources, so you can use your soap with complete ease of mind.
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Wild Handmade Soap