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High Point Market

For many, navigating the High Point Market can be daunting.  Over 200 buildings scattered all over town is probably the biggest hurdle.  I'm quite sure it's impossible to see it all, possibly even in a lifetime of "markets".  And most seasoned designers don't even attempt it.   

They have an impressive transportation system, and it all centers at the bus terminal right in front of the IHFC building.  Constant bus traffic delivering designers and store owner/buyers from hotels in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and other neighboring communities.   

One thing i've noticed is that if it's raining or bad weather, most buyers seem to congregate here in the IHFC and Showplace buildings.  During good weather, they're everywhere, but no question - these two buildings (of the 200+ full of showrooms) get the vast majority of the traffic.

Except for my first year at market, I've always shown in IHFC.  Although I'm quite interested in adding a showing in the beautiful Showplace building as well.

We are showing in on the 3rd floor (green wing) of IHFC with ShawLiving, and new to this market on the 8th floor (D-820) with Ekornes/Stressless.

Ekornes Showroom - Small walnut table

This is the only piece that might not have been a perfect fit.  It's one of my very fav's, but is kinda dwarfed by the super comfy Stressless Sofas.   

RWF well received in High Point

There's no question that rwf design isn't for everyone.  For some it's too modern.  Other's it might be too rustic.  For some it's too expensive.  For some stores and designers, it's too custom (they want/need to order via sku numbers, standard products that they can count on every one being exactly alike. 

But, it was great to see the response from one of the best high end brands in our industry.  We have already begun a few more custom pieces for the upcoming Las Vegas market as well as next Spring's High Point show.

Here are a few pics of one of the pieces showcased in the beautiful Ekornes Showroom yesterday.

New beautiful Ekornes showroom in High Point

RWF now showing in the Ekornes Showroom at High Point Market. 

RWF now showing in the Ekornes Showroom at High Point Market. 

It was really exciting to see our work in the beautiful Ekornes showroom in High Point yesterday for the first time.  If you don't recognize the name Ekornes, you probably know them by Stressless.  Linda's been a huge fan of Ekornes for years (absolutely her favorite piece of furniture (after RWF i hope!)

We've been showing in the ShawLiving showroom in High Point (as well as Atlanta and Las Vegas) for years.  And now, in High Point you can find us (or at least our work) in the Ekornes Showroom as well.  

I'll only be here in High Point today thru Monday noon.  If you'd like to make an appointment, just call my cell 256.394.9868, and I will be happy to meet you in either location.

Red October Alabama Sky

6:50 this morning Oct 15, Wilson Lake, Florence Alabama

This mornings red river sunrise.

This mornings red river sunrise.

Race and Music in Muscle Shoals discussion Friday


UNA sponsored an interesting panel discussion Friday;  “Color-Blind Harmony: Race and Music in Muscle Shoals". 

Panelists included legendary soul singer Jimmy Hughes (“Steal Away,” “Neighbor, Neighbor,” “Why Not Tonight?”), guitarist Jimmy Johnson and bassist David Hood of the famed Muscle Shoals Rhythm Section (the group immortalized as “The Swampers” in the Lynyrd Skynyrd anthem “Sweet Home Alabama”). 

Really interesting to hear just why so much of the problems and conflict that surrounded the country and the South somehow, for the most part past us by.  I had always attributed UNA (then Florence State Teachers College) for this.  Wonderful to see just how big our local music history joined in as well. 

Saturday's Tennessee River Log Ride


Riding downed logs down Alabama river(s) is a tradition that has been perfected thru the years.  Cherokee Indians rode logs before they learned to hollow them out, and eventually perfected the canoe.  On each of our tenth birthday's my Dad introduced the sport - although it was on the very tame Cypress Creek. 

Now that our Tennessee River has been dammed/controlled/slowed down it's a much more leisurely enterprise.  Sunday we found/recovered this nice walnut log.  This was Sassafras' (the two year old golden) third log ride so far.  I think she's kinda getting the hang of it. 

The backyard this weekend

birdstraighton copy.JPG

Boat traffic on the river this weekend

One of the busiest weekends of the year for boat traffic.

One of the busiest weekends of the year for boat traffic.

Looks like everyone was after what might be one of the last summer-like days of the year this past weekend.  Much more traffic than usual.  I have a feeling many of the biguns are headed south for the winter. 

Michael Nichols/National Geographic Showing

Mike Nichols hometown visit and showing this week. 

Mike Nichols hometown visit and showing this week. 

I've been enjoying National Geographic (primarily the phototography) as long as i can remember.  Growing up, the bookshelf wall in the living room was full of decades of back issues of the beautiful bright yellow National Geo.  We thoroughly enjoyed the showing of Mike NIchols friday afternoon.  Locals have been trying to entice Michael for year's to stop back by to share some of his adventurous life with us all.   

With the launch of his new book and lecture tour the stars aligned and we finally brought this local back for a few days.  Nichols has been the Editor at Large at National Geographic since 2008. 

I look forward to attending the "Earth to Sky" lecture and book tour/book signing at Norton Auditorium this upcoming weekend. 

That's UNA's super pro photographer Shannon Wells taking a few pics of our Amy and Gina.  Barbra Broach of Kennedy Douglas Art Center taking in a  preview.  Forgot to mention that the location is the much awaited downtown market that has been under remodel for quite a while.  I really like the way they move.  Slow, but just right.  

Progress Bank project - progressing nicely

Met with Progress Bank's Andy Mann along with Architect Hugo Dante (and crew) PSI's Maray Daniel last week.  Working out details of the 14' oak and walnut conference table,  thru the glass wall sassafras bench, along with a solid walnut check writing console table. 

The new Progress Bank building in Florence - progressing nicely

The new Progress Bank building in Florence - progressing nicely

beautiful weekend - new camera - huge zoom

Quite amazing what $500 can get you in a camera these days.   -Obviously no DSLR here.   First the positive - the first weekend of shooting I actually ended up with some pretty fair pics.  I was able to (carefully) hold the camera by hand steady enough to take 60x images.  The rare occoasion when the light was right, these distance shots were pretty good.  

The primary negative (from one weekend of play), huge issues needing more light in most of the shots using over 20x zoom or so.  Lots to learn here.


Locker Farm to Table

Amazing example of what can be accomplished celebrating local produce and friends.  Last weekend city farmer John Locker's "farm to table" dinner was just perfect.   

Farm to Table fun.  Beautiful example of just what local produce (and local friends). 

Farm to Table fun.  Beautiful example of just what local produce (and local friends). 

The moon this weekend

Using the bulk of the 60x zoom on this new fairly inexpensive panasonic camera this weekend.

Reflecting our gallaxy 10/13/13

Apple Store Visit last Week

Sassafras joined me for a visit to the Huntsville Apple store last week.  Happy to replace at&t for verizon, plus a new iphone, ios7, tethering and more.  Oh, in the trade, I gave up my grandfathered unlimited data with at&t. 

Locals on Letterman last week

I'm way behind on blog posts - the next few will be catching up. 

Here's a pick of a few of our many super talented musicians on Letterman last week.

Local Muscle Shoals area musicians perform on Letterman last week. 

Local Muscle Shoals area musicians perform on Letterman last week. 

Still on the huge Museum Bench project

Screen Shot 2013-10-02 at 9.47.51 AM.png

Although this one has been in the works for months, we've done almost nothing other than these 35 benches for the Museum of Alabama - phase II for the past month.  Tons more work to do.  All these angles, tight specs, and pro Museum design firm (PRD) overseeing the project has helped make things more than exciting here in our typically more laid back studio atmosphere.  

Can't wait to see these finished and installed.  Looking like another full month before we'll be there. 

After that we've got plenty more projects lined up.  For now, we can't take new orders that are needed before early January.