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Robin Wade

Solid walnut mirror/console/bench triple play

Also first good pics of these three walnut pieces with amazing river views.  My first oversized mirror.  This set in walnut/console pair was designed by super talented Winter Park designer Rob Turner, of Phil Kean Designs.  Although I typically design the bulk of our pieces, after seeing the results, maybe I should "delegate" a bit more.

Rusty & Lisa Alexander's "Way Cool Home"

This afternoon finally got a few decent pics of the maple dining table we made a year or so ago.  All the windows with stunning river views (and natural light) wreak havoc for photography each time i attempt.

Quite amazing that we have an skilled experienced builder of Phil Kean's Way Cool Homes right here in North Alabama.  Several in progress now.  Maybe something to tour by Spring or so??

Monday - Progress bank's first day - first new account

Linda and I stopped by first thing Monday morning to open a new account.  Kinda fun being the newest bank's first customer (in new building).  And at $35 a year we had to have the first safety deposit box.  Not sure what we'll put in there, but my first thought is some fragrant sassafras shavings.

Progress Bank Opens in Florence today

7:10 am Stopped by to do final inspection of several beautiful custom pieces we made for Progress Bank.  Adjusted some feet to level a piece, wiped a little dust here and there. I found Bank President Andy Mann shining Apples in prep for the banks first day to be open.

In addition to some beautiful local walnut benches, coffee and side tables, there's an amazing walnut check writing console and a 14' long single slab conference table.  Hopefully posting pics soon.

Saturday - Progress Bank

Friday - Progress Bank delivery

Museum Of Alabama - delivery/install

We've been working on this one all year.  Working the the Museum's directors and top notch design and install teams from DC have been an educational experience.  We made seating out of Alabama's best local hardwoods:  Walnut, maple, oak, cherry and sassafras.  We departed towing a trailer full of 35 pieces at 3:00am. 

To say things were hectic down there is an understatement.  They had several large crews working 13 hour days, half hour lunch, 7dpw!  It was crunch time, with the Governor's visit planned for the next week.

I look forward to seeing the entire project complete during the upcoming grand opening next month. 

walnut benches to be installed in Museum of Alabama - Montgomery.

walnut benches to be installed in Museum of Alabama - Montgomery.

PAWS fundraiser dropoff

Dropped off two donations for the PAWS fundraiser Silent Auction.  One coffee table, and one "in River Photoshoot" of the winning bidder's pooch. 

Florence PAWS fundraiser

Florence PAWS fundraiser

UNA's Sculpture class Furniture critique

I've enjoyed working with the newest of Chiong Chen's hires in the art department this year.  Aaron Tennessee Benson is quite amazing, talented, immersed.  Aaron's sculpture/certamics students used some of our cut-offs for the assignment of making a piece of functional furniture.  Intriguing to see just what the students came up with, their description of their objectives, where they hit and missed, then Aaron's critique. 

Our new Tourism building.

The area's new Tourism building is coming right along.  I've enjoyed working with Libby Watts Jordan with Tourism, and Architect Bob Whitten on several pieces including the two exterior doors that will be made from solid local walnut.

Florence/Lauderdale County Tourism building in progress.

Florence/Lauderdale County Tourism building in progress.

Alabama Chanin The Factory Store + Café

Catching up with the entire Fox gang at the new, super wonderful The Factory Store + Café.

The Factory Store + Café

The Factory Store + Café


Beautiful day to work on "our" dive - and play with the new camera. 

Monday - the last hour of sunlight

I've been taking lots more non furniture pics lately, and don't want to bore friends only interested in our furniture.  Will begin placing these on a new second blog soon.  But wanted to post these from yesterday late afternoon.

High Point Market

For many, navigating the High Point Market can be daunting.  Over 200 buildings scattered all over town is probably the biggest hurdle.  I'm quite sure it's impossible to see it all, possibly even in a lifetime of "markets".  And most seasoned designers don't even attempt it.   

They have an impressive transportation system, and it all centers at the bus terminal right in front of the IHFC building.  Constant bus traffic delivering designers and store owner/buyers from hotels in High Point, Greensboro, Winston-Salem and other neighboring communities.   

One thing i've noticed is that if it's raining or bad weather, most buyers seem to congregate here in the IHFC and Showplace buildings.  During good weather, they're everywhere, but no question - these two buildings (of the 200+ full of showrooms) get the vast majority of the traffic.

Except for my first year at market, I've always shown in IHFC.  Although I'm quite interested in adding a showing in the beautiful Showplace building as well.

We are showing in on the 3rd floor (green wing) of IHFC with ShawLiving, and new to this market on the 8th floor (D-820) with Ekornes/Stressless.