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Studio: Almost moved out

after five super fun, creative years in our downtown Florence location and six weeks of moving - we are loading last two loads. Lexington here we come


Mccarran airport art

the butterflies are made from used ticket sleeves.  Elementary class made each if these amazing collages (1" x 1" squares). 


Surya is everywhere

Here in Las Vegas, just like the other furniture market's in High Point, Atlanta, and Dallas - Surya seems to be everywhere.  I've never seen a business so clearly dominate advertising/marketing like they have been for several years now.

Seemingly everywhere.  Airplane floating a Surya banner circling constantly, every hotel room key, elevators, escalators, and here on the table tops.  Almost any possible place that can be advertised on, this cool American (Georgia) brand seems to be there.  And their showrooms are always packed. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.14.04 PM.png

We're moving up in 2014!

Lot's of exciting news that we can't wait to share.   We'll miss our friends at Shawliving, after exhibiting with them in High Point, Las Vegas and Atlanta for a few years now.  Really hated (and was shocked to learn) that they've closed their rug division.

At the same time, i couldn't be more thrilled about our new association with the super cool super modern brand Ekornes, from Norway.  They take modern design, comfort and sustainability to amazing levels.  And I LOVE the way our furniture looks and feels surrounded by theirs! 

Super rare Sassafras table and - What's up with the black stain?

I'm quite sure it's not.  But i've yet to talk to anyone that's seen one close to this size.  Quite an amazing story behind this one - I'll share when I get a chance. 

btw:  the two black/blue stains in the center of each fork.  It's typically directly related to metal placed in / around the tree years/more like decades ago.  Usually found in city trees.  That's why sawmills won't touch a "city" trees.  Wreaks havoc on sawmills/blades, production/safety.

We LOVE city trees.  The metal stain is something we cherish.  It's just a small piece of evidence of the tree's history.  You can count growth rings and get a pretty good idea when the metal/nail/horse shoe/fence/whatever was placed in/around the tree.  And every once in a while, Im able to save the metal, or better yet (only a few times) leave the metal in the slice/slab. 

Before we mill a log into flitches, we first take a look at both ends of the log, looking for metal stain.  If there's any sign of it, we find it with metal detector and work around it when we can.

Since we never use stain, keeping the natural color of the tree, there's no consideration of "Hiding" it.  Not surprisingly, just the opposite.

Ekornes - 80th Birthday

I was honored to see the Ekornes birthday cake sitting on the rwf Sassafras table monday night.  Happy Birthday Ekornes!  I look forward to helping you celebrate your centennial ;)!


Surfaces show across town

Florence alabama was quite well represented again at this years surfaces show. Both ES Robbins and Tarkett looking good.  

Sorry I just missed Ed Robbins. We'll have to catch up back home. Btw; his new alabama made chair Matt product is looking like a mother winner


Las Vegas mkt

my first day. Found a couple more fans tr

Las Vegas mkt - first day looking good

Phil Campbell fund raising effort to begin Phase II

Almost three years ago the small town of Phil Campbell was devastated by the tornadoes.  A good bit of help, attention and support came early on.  But no where close to enough, and now it seems that we have all forgotten them completely.  Well, there's a group of folks that haven't quit.  Andrew Reed has been working tirelessly on a documentary that should be out soon.  He's been working with "Brooklyn" Phil Campbell as well as other Phil Campbells around the world.

This table, presently on display at the local Frank Lloyd Wright/Rosenbaum home gift shop, will be a part of the Kickstarter fund raising effort that should begin later this month, in advance of the documentary.

Phil Campbell tables delivered to Frank Lloyd Wright home this morning

This morning we delivered three tables to the new gift shop of the historic Rosenbaum home here in Florence.

One, was a table for them to use for displaying information.  The other two are the pieces I made from an oak that was devastated along with the rest of the town a couple of years ago.

It will be available for viewing at the Frank Lloyd Wright/Rosenbaum home gift shop for the next month or so.  The fund raising effort should begin next week.  And the documentary film by Andrew Reed should follow right behind.

2014-01-22 10.22.25.jpg
2014-01-22 10.28.53.jpg
2014-01-22 10.07.59.jpg
2014-01-22 10.27.33.jpg

Feng Shui Consultation

Below is some info I just received from feng shui consultant friend.  Should be fun to use and implement as we layout the space.

Hello Robin.
Intuitively my first concern is the air quality for your employees. Do make sure you invest in some free standing air filters to help out the no window situation. The majority of the workspace is in the NW Helpful People and Travel Area. The elements for this area are metals. Water elements can also be used here. Gold, silver, white, gray, bronze are all positive. Blues, blacks, and water elements are also ok here. The Northern side of the workspace is the Career area. This is where you may want to put mirrors, water elements (fountains to water landscape art), circular items, and any career mottos or goals. You can use the colors mentioned above as well here. A large mirror can help to bring "light" in around the space. The Southern side of your space in the show room will benefit from more greens and slight reds. This is the Fame and Reputation area. You will want to highlight colorful images of your work on the walls. Live plants to silk trees in corners, on desks, etc will help to make this area come "alive". I feel you can go crazy with live plants here because plants help to absorb toxins in the air. The furniture layout is actually fine.

I would google Nasa's air cleaning plants to get a good list. Pothos is an easy indoor plant that doesn't need a lot of light to grow. It's also a rounded leaf plant that brings in abundance. It's a great desk plant and toxin absorbing plant. I feel you have a good intention for the space. It will not need too much work. Just make sure to keep it light and airy in colors. You can keep a fountain in the North work room and even one on the East side of the rooms. This will help everyone to feel at peace. If they can't see nature then bring it in.