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Be sure to check back regularly to see just what chips have been falling in our "slow studio".

Structurally sound?

top priority is getting our finishing room, and all woodworking machinery up and going again.

just hoping these 4" walnut posts and beams can carry the weight. ;) 


Phil Campbell table - moving from one Museum to another

We had to fight Libby Watts Jordan, Frank Lloyd Wright/Rosenbaum home/museum director to "borrow" the Phil Campbell table for the weekend.  It's been on display at the Rosenbaum Museum gift shop.  It will be on display at the Museum of Alabama's grand opening ceremonies in Montgomery all day Saturday.

Please come join in on the celebrations.  9am to 5pm Montgomery.

2014-02-13 15.35.38-2.jpg

Recycled shelving

We are kinda bonkers over recycling around here.  Now this one I'm getting a kick out of.  16 or so sets of shelving came from one of our local huge success stories, Books-a-million.  I've had them for years, but just now putting them to some pretty great use.  Hopefully their super success vibe will spread up here with us in Lexington.

2014-02-13 09.03.01.jpg

Great to be back to work

So good getting back to work after the freeze out.  Our friends from the North get a huge kick out of just how a little snow and ice totally shuts us down down here.  I have to admit, we have no clue how to handle it.  Well, other than ramming into the car or nearest pole.

Still haven't gotten our dust collector back up on it's feet.  We'll regroup and try again today.

Great Cypress Creek Raft Race song, from mid '80's

I just ran across this song/poem, and thought it was a perfect venue begin sharing the word for our  GRCRR memorial paddle.  It will be July 19, "bout a quarter till nine", and take place at the location on Cox Creek Parkway where the race began for years.

If you wrote this song in the '80's, let me know and you'll win one of the original bumper stickers.  If you know what the last verse (that i didn't include here) was, let me know and you win one of the original award pins from the race.

Chiong and Nannette's first tour of our new Lexington Al studio

What fun it was to share a first tour of our new studio with our dear friends Chiong Chen, UNA's art department chair, along with Nannette Robbins and David Cassady.  Although David's up here daily, it was Nannette's first visit.  I think I almost talked her into a wedding in the cotton gin.  Where ever it is, i have a feeling bells will be ringing soon,

2014-02-09 12.37.23.jpg

Raft Race memorial paddle - Saturday July 19

We've talked about cranking up the Great Cypress Creek Raft Race (from the 80's) for years.

For liability reasons it just can't happen.  

No home made rafts this decade, But I sure think we can paddle our kayak or Canoes and remember and laugh about one of many local's favorite historic events.

saturday July 19, first Saturday of the Handy music fest "around a quarter till 9" my dogs and I will begin the historic 2 hr+ paddle. Any friends that would like to join in would be more than welcome. Bring old pics if u have them. Maybe we can even have some bbq or ? Waiting for us.  

If u "played" any role in the GCCRR of the 80's, if u entered it or one of the crazy events / competitions afterward, if you r sick of your parents talking about it, or if u r hot Saturday July 19 and would like to cool off, I've got one thing to say to u

"come on down" and join in the fun, and help us celebrate one of the areas beautiful natural resources.  

Again- no sponsors, no event; no canons, no Coober Peedy - join me for a memorial paddle down the Great Cypress Creek.



Studio: Almost moved out

after five super fun, creative years in our downtown Florence location and six weeks of moving - we are loading last two loads. Lexington here we come


Mccarran airport art

the butterflies are made from used ticket sleeves.  Elementary class made each if these amazing collages (1" x 1" squares). 


Surya is everywhere

Here in Las Vegas, just like the other furniture market's in High Point, Atlanta, and Dallas - Surya seems to be everywhere.  I've never seen a business so clearly dominate advertising/marketing like they have been for several years now.

Seemingly everywhere.  Airplane floating a Surya banner circling constantly, every hotel room key, elevators, escalators, and here on the table tops.  Almost any possible place that can be advertised on, this cool American (Georgia) brand seems to be there.  And their showrooms are always packed. 

Screen Shot 2014-01-29 at 4.14.04 PM.png

We're moving up in 2014!

Lot's of exciting news that we can't wait to share.   We'll miss our friends at Shawliving, after exhibiting with them in High Point, Las Vegas and Atlanta for a few years now.  Really hated (and was shocked to learn) that they've closed their rug division.

At the same time, i couldn't be more thrilled about our new association with the super cool super modern brand Ekornes, from Norway.  They take modern design, comfort and sustainability to amazing levels.  And I LOVE the way our furniture looks and feels surrounded by theirs! 

Super rare Sassafras table and - What's up with the black stain?

I'm quite sure it's not.  But i've yet to talk to anyone that's seen one close to this size.  Quite an amazing story behind this one - I'll share when I get a chance. 

btw:  the two black/blue stains in the center of each fork.  It's typically directly related to metal placed in / around the tree years/more like decades ago.  Usually found in city trees.  That's why sawmills won't touch a "city" trees.  Wreaks havoc on sawmills/blades, production/safety.

We LOVE city trees.  The metal stain is something we cherish.  It's just a small piece of evidence of the tree's history.  You can count growth rings and get a pretty good idea when the metal/nail/horse shoe/fence/whatever was placed in/around the tree.  And every once in a while, Im able to save the metal, or better yet (only a few times) leave the metal in the slice/slab. 

Before we mill a log into flitches, we first take a look at both ends of the log, looking for metal stain.  If there's any sign of it, we find it with metal detector and work around it when we can.

Since we never use stain, keeping the natural color of the tree, there's no consideration of "Hiding" it.  Not surprisingly, just the opposite.

Ekornes - 80th Birthday

I was honored to see the Ekornes birthday cake sitting on the rwf Sassafras table monday night.  Happy Birthday Ekornes!  I look forward to helping you celebrate your centennial ;)!