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Driftwood consultation sunday

I've avoided using driftwood as a medium in the past - for several reasons..  A friend and new client is requesting an outside (completely covered and protected) mantle - and asked about driftwood.  Her inside mantle that's in process among other pieces) is a huge 4" thick walnut slab.  I've been collaborating with a local, accomplished artisan known as "the  Drifter" over the past, and have brought him into this collaboration as well.  Unfortunately he wishes to remain anonymous, but here's what I can share.  He's displaying one of several options he's found so far.  He'd like for the driftwood to be sourced from the client's slough - but nothing yet.

USGBC's Kathleen Kirkpatrick

Kathleen Touring the Rosenbaum Home.

Kathleen Touring the Rosenbaum Home.

It was great to meet Kathleen - our Alabama state director of the huge USGBC.  Their nationwide green work primarily in the architecture and construction industries in US are renowned.  We are discussing a custom Shoals Creativity Tour for the summer.  Friday afternoon we toured my studio, then Saturday we hit the our other primary tour stops;  The Frank Lloyd Wright Rosenbaum House Museum, the Florence Tourism Center, the Music photo wall tour at the Marriott and more.  

Kathleen touring our beautiful tourism center

Kathleen was more than impressed with our new Tourism Center, Shoals creative history, and architect Bob Whitten's work.    It was officially closed due to weather, but Suzie was able to sneak us in for a few minutes.

Florence Tourism Center

600 acre solar panel project under construction

Our last stop, that we both were seeing for the first time was the beginning ground breaking of the 630 acre solar panel field.  Prior to this visit, I really didn't believe it was gonna happen.  Well, it's happening and it's huge.  Kathleen's quite sure that this will the the largest solar panel project in the state.  Congrats to all who made this happen - Lauderdale County, TVA - I'm not sure who else.

Pics from this field trip in route.

Barnett Home

Barnett Home

More pics here:


Barnett photoshoot today

Barnett photoshoot today

What fun it was working with Max and Whitney thru the designing/making process.  They finally moved into their beautiful new home here in Florence Al in July.  This morning we finally got over there and did a photoshoot.  Well, let me clarify;  I took still pics.  Master photographer Bobby Martin was at the helm doing all the video work.  As you will see before long, this guy is talented.

Here are a few of the stills i took.  Ton's more to go thru, edit a bit.  There will be more.

Williams Sonoma

Williams Sonoma - from your side of the table

I'll be back at Williams Sonoma this morning - Opening at 10a.  It was great fun last week.  Photo is of our "board" display from my perspective (is there any other;)?  Looks like our resellers are all out of boards.  If you need one for Father's Day, it's a beautiful day for a drive to Huntsville Al!

Walnut serving boards at Williams Sonoma

Apple + San Francisco = a bad apple!

Let me clarify.  I really love San Francisco!

Let me clarify.  I really love San Francisco!

I've been playing with, working at, working with, tweaking, and having a blast with typography for way too many decades to admit.  Beginning as a kid in early mid '60s with an opaque project, blasting a typeface i found somewhere onto the wall in the living room, tracing around it and either cutting a screen directly or cutting amberlith or rubylith to make a screen (print).

Apple's design, not just in their products, but in their ads, stores, signage, everything I believe is as close to perfect beautiful, minimal branding as you can get.  Well, that is until I just saw what might be a new Apple typeface on the horizon.

It's ok, but it ain't Helvetica Neue.  If the need is large enough HN Ultra Light is as close to perfection in many situations as you can get (ok, obviously just my opinion here).

This new typeface i just saw is fine.  But it doesn't seem up to Apple's standards.  Not Steve Jobs standards.  I've seen Tim Cook do no wrong while at the helm.  This won't put em outa business by any means, but I hope it's not the beginning of losing their way (from perfection).

Gosh, i don't have time to complain about this.  Back to work. . .

If you have an opinion i'd love to hear.  I'm guessing most couldn't give a rip.

Williams-Sonoma Saturday

Just two weekends left before father's day.  We'll be celebrating with our friends at Williams-Sonoma Huntsville.  We'll be showcasing (and selling) our walnut slab serving boards that are made from sustainably sourced North Alabama walnut trees. They open at 10am Saturday.

Williams Sonoma Huntsville Saturday

Yesterday's (Apple) WWDC featuring Alabama throughout

WWDC 2015

I've been following Apple's annual WWDC (developers) conference for at least a couple of decades, and have usually been quite thrilled with the amazing creativity that oozes from the world's coolest brand.

The huge question recently has been, can Apple continue this pace without Steve.  It appears they they can.  That is, with Alabama's own Tim Cook at the helm.  

Lots of great new stuff, but Apple Music was the biggee, and appears to be another hugely successful "Think Different" product.

So cool to see:

Alabama's Tim Cook

Alabama's Tim Cook running the show

Showcasing the more great music from North Alabama - Alabama Shakes, as well as

Alabama Shakes

Wonderful music from the best film of the year (my call) SELMA

Selma The Movie

There really is a side of Alabama that surprises almost all that visit.  It's about time we let the secret out of our open minded, super creative bag.
Tim Cook, we are so proud of you.  Don't be a stranger!

Walnut stair treads and banister railing

Walnut stair treads and banister railing

A new take on natural edge design.  This time we placed the organic edge on the backside of each tread.  We also placed it "upside down" from our typical.  This way the angled edge of the log is more aligned with the black iron support.

Log Dogging Sunday

Frassie found another goodun during Sunday afternoon's log dogging session.

Nice note today from the general manager of Marriott Shoals

"Everyone loves the food displays at the Americana Press Event today."
---Larry Bowser
General Manager Marriott Shoals

We (RW and RWF) has thoroughly enjoyed working with Larry, Chef Mike, and executive chef Ryan Matthews in the hotel, their amazing fine dining restaurant the 360 Grill, as well as their events team.  

Our small community is quite fortunate to have such a wonderful hotel.  
Thank you Larry for all you do for the community!

Walnut & Acrylic Dining

The weather has been killing our finishing schedules/deadlines.  If we can get into the studio today and tomorrow, this one will ship Monday.


Tennessee River Minnows

84 degrees yesterday and full sun - perfect afternoon for one more swim with Sassafras - and friends.