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Robin Wade

Gee's quilters

The world famous Gee's quilters were showing (and quilting) upstairs. 


Charley Lucas

great fun sharing the showing with the Charlie Lucas.


Headed north

Quite efficient catching up on blog posts during our drive home


The governor

seemed impressed with the Phil Campbell fund raising efforts


My gosh!

I really didn't believe that they would display this dyslexic furniture artists pic permanently in the new museum. This is the only area of the entire exhibit that's - well , maybe questionable. . . .


Structurally sound?

top priority is getting our finishing room, and all woodworking machinery up and going again.

just hoping these 4" walnut posts and beams can carry the weight. ;) 


Phil Campbell table - moving from one Museum to another

We had to fight Libby Watts Jordan, Frank Lloyd Wright/Rosenbaum home/museum director to "borrow" the Phil Campbell table for the weekend.  It's been on display at the Rosenbaum Museum gift shop.  It will be on display at the Museum of Alabama's grand opening ceremonies in Montgomery all day Saturday.

Please come join in on the celebrations.  9am to 5pm Montgomery.

2014-02-13 15.35.38-2.jpg