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Robin Wade

back in business!

My gosh!  This move has been a doozy.  It's still a mess, but we're all on cloud 10, now that all equipment has been moved into place, wired up, dust collector collecting, and as of this morning the fan to our new finishing room (almost complete) powered up and fanning.  Lots more work to do organizing all areas - woodworking, gallery, photo shoot suite and more, but for now we are back in business, trying to get caught up a several projects that we are a bit behind on. 

We have several huge, exciting plans lined up for the new studio in Lexington.  You should be hearing more by early/mid Spring.

For now, nothing but smiles now that we are back in business!


Dalai Lama interview - live right now

"Technology can not produce compassion".  I love lots of our forever evolving technology.  Love Dalai Lama and compassion.  Kinda think Dalai know's what he's talking about . . . 

--just had to "blog" this one . . .

Screen Shot 2014-02-26 at 6.30.44 PM.png

Quite amazing to see the Dalai Lama live, NOW on Huff Post LIve.  So cool!

Florence Alabama - The South's best Arts and Design town

My buddy Grace Fox just sent a link to the current Garden and Gun.  Well, we've all known this for decades.  But it's really fun to see that the world is getting it as well.  With all the movies, musicians, artists, restaurants, forward thought, creativity, and awesome energy, it's a really fun place to "be".

And, it was nice to see a little mention as well:

Though their mediums vary, there is a commonality in the work of Florence artists, who have all found inspiration in the place’s history and land. Robin Wade takes downed trees and builds furniture that is at once rustic and modern, letting the trees speak for themselves, wormholes and all.
— Garden & Gun

Phil Campbell Kickstarter campaign has launched!

After year's in the planning, it's wonderful to see the launch of the Phil Campbell Kickstarter campaign!  Honestly, I don't know much about Kickstarter (although I have minimally supported one successful campaign previously.


Screen Shot 2014-02-24 at 10.27.01 AM.png

Gee's quilters

The world famous Gee's quilters were showing (and quilting) upstairs. 


Charley Lucas

great fun sharing the showing with the Charlie Lucas.


Headed north

Quite efficient catching up on blog posts during our drive home


The governor

seemed impressed with the Phil Campbell fund raising efforts


My gosh!

I really didn't believe that they would display this dyslexic furniture artists pic permanently in the new museum. This is the only area of the entire exhibit that's - well , maybe questionable. . . .