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Heizenburg back tonight for final season

Generally I don't watch tv series, never watch commercials, and never place at the top of my priority list to watch tv.  But that all changed with Breaking Bad and - Heizenburg.   After begin blown away with the pilot five year's ago, I was hooked.  Have seen every episode at least once.   This is our fav series of all time.

This quirky, off balance, schitzo plot that shows the best and worst of our human condition, often in each character each episode - not surprisingly isn't for everyone.  I haven't found too many Alabamans who'll admit to ever hearing of it.  Although I have a sneaking suspicion that there are quite a few closet addicts here as well.  Somehow it's just about perfect for me.  

Last couple of weeks we caught up on the previous season (5), in prep for the last Season of Walter White, Jessie and gang.  Tonight Linda, Sassafras and I will be glued to the tv, watching it live - commercials and all.  Might even go all out and pop some corn.


Breaking Bad's last season begins tonight at 8: 

Breaking Bad's last season begins tonight at 8: 

TimesDaily Interview Tuesday

Tuesday TimesDaily writer Bobby Bozeman and photographer Matt McKean stopped by for a studio tour and interview.  Except for the very uncomfortable part of having my pic taken (for good reason) I thoroughly enjoyed visiting with and getting to know them a bit.

Nice article published in this mornings Life section of the local paper. 

timesdailyinterviewrw copy.jpg

Our own Rick Hall and Fame on NPR yesterday

Great surprise to hear our town Rick Hall and Fame documented on NPR yesterday.  Although I run into a few folks out of town that are "aware" of our little town's amazing music history, for the most part we've done a great job of keeping it a secret. 

Alabama's Tim Cook aced it yesterday at WWDC

I've been following,  working with as well as benefiting from Apple products since the Mac was introduced in '84.  I've only attended one WWDC years ago, but follow it, enjoying seeing what's around the corner each year.

I'm sure I could, but can't imagine running a business centered around Apple products as well as third party software. 

So much speculation that Apple can't continue their forward thinking products as they have in the past.  Probably can't maintain this momentum, with or without Steve.  But if yesterday's announcements and demonstrations of coming products is any indication, we will have plenty of amazing advances from Apple for quite a while. 

Alabama rarely get's good press or attention, many times rightly so.  It's great to see that one of Alabama's most glowing shining stars, Tim Cook is leading the entire outfit at Apple.  And the funny thing is most (here in Alabama) aren't aware of it.  

Alabama's own Tim Cook @ Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote.

Alabama's own Tim Cook @ Apple WWDC 2013 Keynote.