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You're not going to believe the vittles we're serving up Friday

Our friends have stepped up and with the most amazing selection of nourishing, delicious LOCAL At least a sampling of each of the following:  

Tony Smith's championship bbq, Charlie Thompson's Camp Stew, Alan Phillips delicacies, The Hummus People's (guess what), Steve Carpenter's local produce, Belle Chevre goat cheese.  

Don't think Steve's not happy about it.  If you know him you can see that he's thrilled!

Don't think Steve's not happy about it.  If you know him you can see that he's thrilled!

Open House Friday, Showcasing our friends

Just confirmed, Alan Phillips of Red Clay Epicurean will be joining us for the Open House.  In addition to Tony Smith's smoked bbq, and The Hummus People's locally grown Hummus, Alan will be showcasing local delicacies including both JackOLantern Farm's as well and Charlie Thompson's amazing mutton.  Steve Carpenter will be debuting a brand new local product Friday.

We won't be going hungry at the Open House

Tony Smith comes thru again.  Master bbq smoker Tony Smith of the Grilling Room, will be serving 15 hr bbq butt sliders Friday.  After decades of grilling, smoking, competing and judging in the bbq arena, I think he might just be qualified.  Come on out and you be the judge Friday 12p!


Exhibition - Reception

Exhibition - Reception

Big thank you to all who attended/supported our exhibition at the fabulous new Court Street Market.  Wonderful support from friends and community.  So fun living right here in this ever growing southern creative enclave.

Friday night's reception held in our vibrant community's newest gem; Court Street Market.

slow studio possibly less slow?

Our old 36" wide SandingMaster ran outa steam.  Just received this new toy.  What if the "slow studio" wasn't so slow in 2015?  (I didn't say fast).  

The newest member of our team;  a 51" double head sander.

The newest member of our team;  a 51" double head sander.

Patagonia moving into food

I would have never guessed.  Love everything about Patagonia.  I have a feeling I'll love their food.  Anyone tried it yet?  Roasted barley.  I'd like to like it;)

Received pics this morning from designer in NY

Coffee table pics from designer Judy Fox.  Happy to report that she and client are thrilled.

cherry sculpture

I just ran across this pic that Rusty texted a couple of months ago.  Can't wait to get out there and get some even better shots.  This was a hollow cherry log - that was slabbed unusually thick-which means it took a couple of extra years to air dry before going into the kiln.

Levitating desk 2.0

Levitation desk 2.0

We've been slammed all summer - lot's of new and exciting things (and news!!) to share.   I've been taking pics all along, but just haven't yet had a chance to post them.  -  Hopefully soon.  For now, I just had to share this new desk pic.  Brand new residential installation, in another beautiful home designed and built by master designer/architect/builder Phil Kean and his amazing team.

Levitating oak single slab flowing grain desk with Nakashima style center leg support also from the same local oak tree.
Oh, do you see the little sunken rectangle to the left of the chair (top of desk)?  There was a bit of over spalted (some call it rot ;), heartwood in this area.  We made a small organizational area for a pen or two, iphone charging (small crack runs all the way thru) or whatever the customer might want to keep front and center. 

Can't wait to see the professionally shot pics when they are available.

Wildwood Guest of honor arrives early

The most advanced electric vehicle yet, Tesla, is our guest of honor.  He arrived early, and got a front row seat at the beautiful new tourism bldg.  I'll be opening the doors and trunks for review, for pics and amazement.

The first thing you'll notice is there is NO engine!

Be sure to stop by and get your picture taken with the guest of honor from 5p to 8pm tonight. 

Wildwood Creek Fest - location change

We've moved the event indoors - to the beautiful new Florence/Lauderdale tourism bldg at Mcfarland Park.  With high water levels, let me say again, there really is No Raft Race this year.

All other schedules still on.   The first of 6 bands begin at 5p.  Hope you can all make it.  Oh, just show up, and if you are one of the first 200 to arrive, you get in free!   (Fire marshall is limiting us to 200).

Don't be late, Mayor Haddock will be speaking early (so he doesn't miss the parade), and might just have some interesting things to share.

Wildwood Festival - made last night's 48news

We were cleaning up the creek bank preparing for the Wildwood Creek Festival when Chanel 48 local producer Marie Waxel called and wanted to do a quick feature. 

The bad news with Marie, is that she might not be able to cover the event, due to a high priority that she wouldn't consider cancelling.  The good news is that the event, is our Wildwood festival.  She said she's arriving by raft.  Will be departing Cypress Creek/Cox Creek Pkw overpass around 2pm on the 19th and should arrive at our venue right as the music and fun begins around 5pm. 

email "heck". Please call if you didn't receive an immediate reply

If you haven't received a reply to a recent email message you sent us, please take note:

Last week we realized that we weren't receiving email to a couple of our e-addresses.  We've been in contact with an Apple Engineer, but it hasn't yet been resolved.

If you would like to contact us, please use this address:


AND, if you don't receive a super prompt reply, please give us a call:

The problem seems to have affected very few email accounts.  Basically, somehow all "alias" email addresses seem to have dissappeared, along with any email going to them.

Again, so sorry for the confusion.  Please just give us a call.  We do want to hear from you, and as always, will (try to) reply as promptly as we can (if we actually receive the message:).

Tourism Center Grand Opening

Congratulations to Debbie Wilson, Libby Jordan, Architect Bob Whitten, and Parallax on another huge success.  Clearly the most beautiful, best Tourism building in the State - at least.  I can't believe I didn't get any pics of the doors, sign and furniture.  I'll be back.

Wildwood Festival Tickets going on Sale (FIRST) Friday

There will only be 400 tickets available for this event.  Early Bird tickets will be available at the RWF space during the Downtown Florence First Friday event, this next Friday June 6, from 5pm to 8pm.  The first 100 tickets will be half price - only $10.  This should give us enough cash to clean up the creek bank a bit, pay for the super cool Handy Festival connection, confirm shuttle agreements and pre-purchase a few hundred ears of the sweetest Alabama corn for gourmet roasting, etc.