Natural Modern Hardwood Desks

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Natural Modern Hardwood Desk

Natural Modern Hardwood Desk

We only use sustainably sourced hardwoods from our local communities, so you will find that most of our hardwood desks are crafted from local Cherry, Walnut or Oak hardwoods.

The differences in our approach to our craft are evident in all areas:

Each hardwood desk is one of a kind. The combination of clean, modern lines and the natural anarchic forms of the wood is the essence of our style. Our artists achieve a design that’s bold, sophisticated, clean, and elegant;  proud of its natural beauty and greeting the eye as a seamless whole.

All our wood is locally and sustainably harvested. Minimal processing with maximum respect for the environment produces the highest quality and most beautiful product. Here at RWF, respect for the environment is not only a family affair, it also influences our every aspect.

Our creative inspiration comes from the unique shapes and colors of each log; the slabs we obtain are all different due to each tree's individual life experiences which literally shaped it. As artists and artisans our task (and joy) is to let the true nature of each piece shine through, to expose and enhance its beauty for the enjoyment of all.